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Miesha is our hygienist at Blissful Dental Spa. She's a proud mother and wife, loves hosting events, and wants to help you have an educational and elevating experience when you come in for your next cleaning!
Make sure you say "hi" next time you stop by #BlissfulDental, where our team works to #ElevateYourExperience at the dentist.
They treat me like we have been friends for years

Where can I start? Well, I want to start by saying, I loveeeeee the staff, and especially Doctor Garraway. They treat me like we have been friends for years. Every visit we always catch up on things that are going on in our life. Not only do they treat me like family, they treat me like a priority. When it comes to their services, they are very professional, friendly, and helpful. They make sure I understand everything they are doing, and why they are doing it. With finances, they have plans that are very cost-efficient and can assist if you have any financial problems. Overall I can say I have had an amazing experience! Also, they always leave my teeth looking shiny and clean.

-Phil J.

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