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Blissful Dental's Health Care Recommendations

October 25, 2019
Posted By: Chinara Garraway
Little Girl at the Dentist

At Blissful Dental Spa in Tallahassee, Florida, we're committed to making your next trip to the dentist more like a relaxing visit to a luxury spa. That's why we're a leading provider of kids' oral exams in the area. The unique style of our approach puts your child at ease.

Our goal is to provide modern, sophisticated dentistry in a relaxing environment. We work hard to make your child feel relaxed, making their trip to the dentist something that they appreciate and look forward to instead of dread.

At Blissful Dental Spa, we're committed to supporting the oral health of every child who comes to our practice in Tallahassee. Our dentists provide professional kids' oral exams, helping to identify problems before they become serious health issues. We provide education, support to parents, and preventive treatment to prevent decay, gum disease, and tooth extraction. 



Other Local Health Services In Tallahassee, FL

  1. FSU Primary Health: Florida State University College Of Medicine. FSU Primary Health is a medical facility based in Tallahassee, FL, dedicated to providing world-class training for physicians who will later work in medical institutions all over the country. The facility provides services including wound care, geriatric services, STD care services, palliative care, and family medicine. 

  2. Tallahassee Neurological Clinic. Tallahassee Neurological Clinic was established in 1968. Since then, it's gained a reputation for being one of the leading providers of neurosurgery services in the area. The institution aims to offer patients excellence in both neurological and pain care and to treat all people with compassion.

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