What to Expect at a Dental Cleaning and Exam

What to Expect at a Dental Cleaning and Exam

September 21, 2022

Are you preparing to visit the dentist near you for the first time? Maybe you have not been to the dentist’s office in a while, or you may have never gone before. While this may be a new and uncertain experience, our team is here to help.

If you are coming in for a cleaning and exam, you might be wondering what will happen during your appointment. At Blissful Dental Spa, we want you to feel comfortable and at ease. Be sure to ask questions before, during, and after your appointment. Please let us know if you have any concerns to address them right away.

What Happens During a Dental Cleaning and Exam?

Preventive dental cleaning and exam is basic checkup to ensure your teeth look great. First, a hygienist will examine your mouth. Hygienists are looking for signs of gingivitis and other issues.

Next, they remove plaque and tartar from your gum line. Then, the teeth are deep-cleaned with gritty toothpaste.

Before you go, we will floss your teeth, rinse your mouth, and apply fluoride. We may talk to you about preventive habits you can use at home. You might also schedule a follow-up appointment or procedure if you have a dental concern.

How Long Does a Preventive Dental Appointment Take?

The duration of your appointment can vary, depending on your dental hygiene, the necessary steps, and how busy our office is. You should be in and out in less than an hour in most cases. Some patients spend even less time at exams and cleanings, however.

How Often Should You Have a Dental Cleaning and Exam?

Dentists recommend coming in for cleanings and exams once every six months. You may need to have additional appointments if you have certain conditions or notice concerning signs that need addressing.

To learn more about preventive dental care and what you can expect, give Blissful Dental Spa a call. Dr. Chinara Garraway can answer your questions and help you feel more comfortable before your appointment.