Our Dental Technology

At Blissful Dental Spa, comfort and high-quality care are important when you get dental work and other services done. That’s why we employ some of the latest technology to ensure you have the best experience possible each time you visit us.


TVs In Treatment Rooms

We also believe that it is sometimes the little touches that count. TVs are in each treatment room to help keep patients relaxed and entertained while receiving their services.


Panoramic X-Rays

Another type of technology improving the dental experience is the panoramic x-ray. As the name suggests, this type of x-ray allows dentists to get a wide-angle x-ray of the entire mouth. Previously this would have taken multiple x-rays from different angles to achieve the same results.


Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is used in the precise treatment of various issues, from gum treatments to cavity treatments to cleanings and oral surgery, as well as many different spa services. Laser technology is also faster, safer, and more precise than typical dental instruments.

Digital X-Rays

Many of us probably remember how difficult it was for the dentist to take traditional x-rays. It was time-consuming and sometimes took multiple attempts to get clear enough images of what the dentist was trying to look for.

Digital x-rays are clearer and more precise, taking less time to get clear images and less invasive and troublesome for patients. Digital x-rays are also computer enhanced, increasing the diagnostic capability of the dentist.

Nitrous Oxide

We believe in keeping our patients comfortable during their procedures. Some patients have anxiety and other issues when visiting the dentist, making it difficult for even the simplest procedures. Nitrous oxide is a natural sedative that dentists can use to make the entire dental experience easy to tolerate.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras are a type of technology that allows dentists to take a live look inside a patient’s mouth. We use this technology to improve diagnosis, education, and treatment accuracy.