Crown Lengthening Treatment In Tallahassee, FL

Crown Lengthening Treatment In Tallahassee, FL

Most of us would prefer to save a damaged tooth if possible. One of the services we offer here at Blissful Dental Spa is a treatment known as crown lengthening. Crown lengthening has several uses that can help protect and preserve a tooth that might otherwise need to be extracted. Why lose a tooth when you don’t have to? Let our talented team help save your teeth and preserve your smile.

What is Crown Lengthening?

When a tooth breaks off, it can leave too little of the tooth remaining to work with. When this happens, crown lengthening is the only way to save the tooth. Crown lengthening is the process of exposing more of the outer surface of the tooth. A dental specialist or periodontist typically does this by cutting into the gum to expose the remaining portion of the tooth normally situated in the gum line.

This is usually done because the tooth has broken off, so little remains above the surface, making it impossible to place a crown over the remaining portion of the tooth. A crown is important for giving your tooth back its natural shape and protecting the inner part of the tooth, the nerve system, from damage.

Another reason a crown lengthening may be performed is if your dentist determines that there are subdermal cavities in the tooth that need to be treated. Believe it or not, a tooth can develop cavities below the gumline. If left alone, the tooth can begin to decay, and eventually, the entire structure of the tooth will begin to fall apart, and the tooth itself may crumble or need to be extracted.

A crown lengthening will make it possible for the dentist to clean and treat the cavities by removing the debris and placing a filling inside them, just like a typical cavity. Blissful Dental Spa is here to help you protect and preserve your smile with the most advanced treatment services for oral health.

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