Dental Implants in Tallahassee, FL

Dental Implants in Tallahassee, FL

Here at Blissful Dental Spa, our implants offer a safe and effective solution to replace your missing teeth and roots, providing dental advantages and health advantages. With simply one procedure, your whole smile can be changed for the better while improving your oral health. Implants can decrease the chance of the jawbone from shrinking in. this is a good thing as it allows for preservation of the jawline that keeps you looking youthful! Here at Blissful Dental Spa, we can make this happen.

What Does An Implant Solve?

An implant can solve a variety of oral issues. It can realign your teeth, fill empty space, improve chewing habits, improve the jawline, and result in a better, healthy smile!

Why Should You Get Implants?

Implants offer many advantages when being compared to other styles of tooth replacement. First, they offer a high level of strength as they are made from durable materials, including porcelain and titanium. Due to these materials, dental implants can last a long time and are permanent. Next, dental implants help to maintain that jawline of yours. Since tooth loss is often associated with the loss of jawbone density, implants can reverse that process and contribute to strong jawlines. Lastly, implants are easy to maintain. Unlike other tooth replacement procedures, there is not much maintenance. All you need to do is maintain basic oral hygiene. This can be done by brushing your teeth at least two times a day, making sure to floss every day, as well as seeing your dentist at least two times a year. All 3 of these basic oral hygiene tips will ensure your implants will be long-lasting.

Implants in Tallahassee, FL

Why get implants at Blissful Dental Spa? Let us tell you why. Here at Blissful Dental Spa, Dr. Chinara Garraway and our team are committed to improving your smile. Contact Blissful Dental Spa to schedule your consultation today! During your initial consultation, Dr. Chinara Garraway will look further into your gums and teeth to see if you are a good candidate for implants. The ideal candidate will have a high-density jaw area, does not suffer from any form of gum disease, does not grind teeth, and overall is in good health.

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