General Dentistry In Tallahassee, FL

General Dentistry In Tallahassee, FL

If you’ve ever been to the dentist, you likely know that your dentist handles many different treatments and services. The truth is general dentistry covers the vast majority of dental treatments and is the most important part of your oral hygiene outside your daily health routine at home. That’s why it’s important to go twice a year for checkups and exams because your general dentist is the first line of defense for a healthy mouth. Understanding what all general dentistry covers will help you when you get treatment for different issues with your oral health.

Why is General Dentistry So Important?

Here are a few reasons why general dentistry is an important part of your healthcare routine:

General Dentistry Includes Checking for Issues

If you’ve ever been for a routine exam and cleaning, you know that the dentist thoroughly investigates your mouth and overall oral health every time you visit. This is one of the most important procedures you can perform because without it; you may miss issues developing, such as cavities, gum disease, and even infection.

Regular Cleanings Prevent Problems

You may think missing a dental cleaning isn’t that important, but a dental cleaning is much more precise and comprehensive than brushing and flossing. The dentist knows how to clean better than the average person, and they also have the instruments and technology needed to get where a toothbrush and floss cannot reach. Plus, if there is an issue, they can find it early.

Your General Dentist Handles Most of Your Basic Needs

If you’ve ever gone to the dentist and needed x-rays to check on a tooth, then your general dentist is the one who takes care of this. Your dentist handles some needs, from basic extractions to crowns, fillings, and even root canals. So long as your dental health issues don’t require surgery or other specialized treatment, then your general dentist is the one you will need to see.

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