Children's Dentistry

Protecting your child’s oral health is essential for promoting proper dental growth and development. Dr. Chinara Garraway has experience working with children of all ages, and her calm, gentle approach helps our youngest patients feel safe and secure.

Your Child's First Visit

At Blissful Dental Spa, we like to see children when their first teeth start to emerge. At this age, your son or daughter probably won’t need treatment, but it’s a good idea to let them get used to the concept of dentistry slowly, and at their own pace.

Dr. Garraway and our team use this first visit to reinforce a positive experience and let your child see that visiting the dentist isn’t scary. When they’re ready for us to do a dental exam, we will look for signs of problems that may be developing. If there’s an area of concern and your child needs treatment, we will refer you to a pediatric dentist for further evaluation

If your child has a “tongue tie,” they may have trouble nursing, which is frustrating for both you and your infant. To resolve the problem, Dr. Garraway uses gentle laser dentistry to perform a procedure called a frenectomy here at our Tallahassee dental office.

Oral Health Care between Ages Two to Six

A lot happens with your little one’s oral health between the ages of two and six. At the age of two or three, most children have all of their baby teeth. It is essential to ensure that these teeth are healthy because they are the building blocks for your child's future oral health. Baby teeth are placeholders for permanent teeth so losing one too soon may cause permanent teeth to shift and lead to misalignment issues.

We recommend routine dental exams and cleanings and may also suggest the application of sealants and fluoride to prevent cavities and further protect your child’s baby teeth. The goal is to stay a step ahead of cavities or other conditions and continue to develop a trusting relationship with your child as they grow.

Ongoing Health Care As Your Child Grows

Your child will typically get their first permanent molar around age six and will have all their permanent teeth by about age 12 or 13. By this time, your child should be accustomed to a routine of proper oral hygiene at home, a healthy diet, and regular dental exams and cleanings at our Tallahassee dental office.

We recommend an orthodontic evaluation for your child at around age seven. This helps to determine if your child will need braces, or if there are interim steps that should be taken to make enough space in their mouths for teeth to erupt properly.

If your child participates in sports, ask us about providing your son or daughter with a custom mouth guard. Dental injuries are common, especially in contact sports, and it’s critical to adequately protect their teeth from damage.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Child’s Appointment

Dr. Garraway and the team at Blissful Dental Spa enjoy working with kids and would love to help your child get started on a lifetime of excellent oral health. Please call our Tallahassee dental office to arrange a dental appointment for your child.

We look forward to meeting you and your little one!